Student’s background inspires photos

Amanda Depee, photography freshman

Push the typical portrait photographs aside. Amanda Depree said she enjoys capturing the ‘odd’ and unconventional.

“I like to take photos,” the photography freshman said. “I kind of have an obsession with them.”

Depee reportedly shoots photos an average of four times per week.

Her latest project involves ballerinas in top hats and tutus in downtown Oklahoma City. The concept was inspired by her background as a dancer.

“I’m on the pom squad at OCU and I’ve danced all my life since I was 3,” she said. “I grew up in a studio dancing competitively here in Oklahoma.”

Depee wanted the photos to picture the ballerinas in an unexpected place.

“I wanted to take the photos of the dancers outside and in the city, not on a stage where they’re usually seen.”

The photos took 8-9 hours to shoot.

To see more photography by Depee, click here.

Singer/songwriter needs votes for Ingrid Michaelson competition

Arielle O'Keefe, commercial music composition freshman

Update 4/9: Arielle O’Keefe was selected by Ingrid Michaelson to perform live with the artist. Michaelson chose O’Keefe as a grand prize winner for her “great technique and beautiful voice.”

Update 4/8: O’Keefe received enough votes to place her in the top five. The winner will be announced Thursday, April 8 and will be chosen by Michaelson.

A student is asking for “everybody’s” votes.

Arielle O’Keefe, commercial music composition freshman, is in the top 10 for Ingrid Michaelson‘s Everybody video contest. The video entry with the most votes will be invited to perform with Michaelson at one of her concerts.

“I’m hoping to win,” she said. “I need to be in the top five. Right now I’m in second.”

O’Keefe said her video was the first to break 2,000 votes on Sunday, April 4. Her video was among the top 10 highest viewed entries on Monday, March 29, placing O’Keefe in the finals with 10 other entries and one wildcard video.

Exclusive interview & live performance:

The winner of the contest will be chosen from the top five videos by Michaelson and announced Friday, April 9. Voting for the will be ongoing until Thursday evening.

To vote for O’Keefe and to receive a free download of Michaelson’s Everybody, released on August 25, 2009, click here. O’Keefe’s entry is video No. 8.

More videos by O’Keefe, including an original song titled Used to You, can be viewed at her YouTube channel site. O’Keefe’s Everybody entry video can be viewed here.

“Music is the only thing I know will consistently be a part of my life,” O’Keefe said.