Student’s background inspires photos

Amanda Depee, photography freshman

Push the typical portrait photographs aside. Amanda Depree said she enjoys capturing the ‘odd’ and unconventional.

“I like to take photos,” the photography freshman said. “I kind of have an obsession with them.”

Depee reportedly shoots photos an average of four times per week.

Her latest project involves ballerinas in top hats and tutus in downtown Oklahoma City. The concept was inspired by her background as a dancer.

“I’m on the pom squad at OCU and I’ve danced all my life since I was 3,” she said. “I grew up in a studio dancing competitively here in Oklahoma.”

Depee wanted the photos to picture the ballerinas in an unexpected place.

“I wanted to take the photos of the dancers outside and in the city, not on a stage where they’re usually seen.”

The photos took 8-9 hours to shoot.

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