Student hopes for Glee casting consideration

Sonya Meyer, music theater junior

By Amanda Alfanos

A student hopes a video submission will get her on the road to a hit Fox television show.

Sonya Meyer, music theater junior, submitted a casting call video Tuesday, April 13 for casting consideration in the show ‘Glee.’ The show’s executive producers are conducting a nationwide casting search to fill new high school student roles that will be added to the show’s second season, according to the official audition Web site.

‘I wanted to audition for Glee since January,” she said.

I watch the show, but I had never really thought about acting in film until I started taking a film acting class and received a callback for acting on film, Meyer said.

Meyer said she is unique from other applicants in that she is interested in comedy.

“I really think I could make the show funny,” she said.

Meyer and Annalise Freeman, music theater/vocal performance junior, put together a blog in January after hearing rumors of upcoming Glee auditions. The purpose of the blog is to introduce proposed characters for the show via video, Meyer said.

She also said the students thought the blog might be a good way to grab the attention of the show’s executive producers.

Those auditioning for the show are required to submit video materials in a MySpace profile, including a “personal statement” and a “song performance,” as outlined by Glee 2010 Casting Call Submission: Terms and Conditions of Submissions.

Meyer said she tried to make her submission a stand out.

“I really wanted to present myself as a character,” she said. “The show is about singing, but the characters only sing for part of the show.”

Viewers of the video submissions can give videos ‘gold stars.’ The Terms and Conditions of Submissions electronic document is unclear if gold star count will affect producers’ casting choices. Click here to watch Meyer’s videos and give her a gold star. Viewers can contribute an unlimited number of gold stars to different entries.

The process for casting selection is not outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Submissions electronic document, but those submitting videos must be available around July 1 to “render in-person services in Los Angeles, Cali.”

Glee monologueGlee | MySpace Video

Glee song
Glee | MySpace Video

Sonya Meyer, music theater junior


2 thoughts on “Student hopes for Glee casting consideration

  1. This is a really good story, Amanda. It’s a lot of fun to read. I love that the Internet is allowing OCU students to display their talents in ways that help them in their competitive entertainment profession. Nice job!

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