Staying in the circus ring

Classes, maybe lunch, more classes, rehearsal, evening classes, practice, homework, maybe shower, sleep, repeat. Being a fine arts major at OCU can sometimes seem like a juggling act.

Fine arts majors offer tips and reminders to current and future students for how to survive the sometimes circus-like college lifestyle.

Fiona Laube, dance performance senior

1. You know your body better than anyone else. “Eat when the teachers say you can’t. When they say you can’t get a drink of water, get a drink of water anyway.”

Shayna Vercillo, acting senior

2. Go for it. “Be willing to audition and accept any opportunity to perform because each experience, whether good or bad, is going to make your education here the most successful it could possibly be.”

Brett Hellyer, music business freshman

3. Be prepared for surprises. “Don’t make yourself too busy. It’s really different than high school. You can never expect how much will be thrown at you.”

Alyssa Bennett, dance performance sophomore

4. Stay organized. “Keep up your planner and calendar. Write down everything. Check the call boards every day.”


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